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Service overview

TSHICOM boasts extensive technical expertise in the field of private wireless communication, with a top-tier team of experts serving over 2 million global industry clients.

Drawing upon best practices, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality, reliable two-way radio products and comprehensive integrated service solutions. Our services span from initial network planning and deployment to ongoing system and terminal maintenance.

Focused on addressing customer challenges and pressures, we prioritize immediate response during critical events, swiftly and effectively mitigating network risks to ensure the success of key operations.

Through our services, we continually optimize network performance, enabling seamless business operations for our clients.

Core Services

Excellent Value

We are Platinum partners for Motorola Solutions. With our buying power and direct relationship with the world’s largest two-way radio manufacturer, you can be sure we pass on the exceptional discounts we receive to you.

Customized Solutions

We understand that every communication need is unique. Our team is dedicated to providing customized solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need a specialized frequency range, robust durability, or integration with existing systems, we work closely with you to ensure our radios meet your exact specifications.

Reactive Support

We are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction beyond the purchase. Our 24/7 technical support is ready to address any issues, providing expertise in troubleshooting, configuration, and maintenance for uninterrupted operations. In the rare event of infrastructure faults, our team guarantees resolution within 2 hours to get you back up and running swiftly.

Core Advantages

Based on the characteristics of each industry, combined with TSHICOM’s service experience and rich service products in the private network communications industry, we provide customized service solutions that meet industry users, thereby ensuring that user networks can operate stably and efficiently.

Flexible customization

Deeply understand customer business needs, improve network performance, optimize resource allocation, and enhance customer experience. Create a healthy platform for customers to better support and ensure normal business operations

Rapid deployment

Integrate a variety of service products, use a mature global delivery platform, and quickly deliver solutions

Demand Analysis

TSHICOM has many years of technology accumulation in the field of private network wireless communications and a first-class expert team in the industry. It serves more than 2 million industry customers around the world and has a deep understanding of industry customer needs and best practical experience.

Analyze Customer Application Scenarios

Daily business support
Emergency support

System Reliability Requirements

Support multi-level fault weakening
Hardware redundancy and backup functions
The software has strong fault tolerance.

Maintenance Operation Requirements

Multi-level service models can be provided for customers to choose from
Basic after-sales maintenance services
Customized after-sales maintenance services

Project Delivery Management

TSHICOM project management services mainly provide TSHICOM system integration delivery projects, including several stages or projects such as survey and design, network planning, factory acceptance, supply logistics, project implementation, system joint debugging, network optimization, delivery acceptance, and after-sales operation and maintenance. Professional management services provided to customers throughout the entire process.

Survey/Planning and Design Services

Survey, design and high-quality network coverage planning ensure the smooth implementation of the project and smooth signals after the system is completed.

Factory acceptance

Factory acceptance is an important step in checking whether the system can achieve the designed functions. It is to confirm the operability and functionality of each part of the cluster system equipment and to show the user that the supplied products and systems can achieve and meet the specified functions.

Supply logistics, project implementation

Massive supply guarantee, professional logistics and transportation cooperation, fast and efficient project delivery capabilities, complete configuration debugging and functional testing ensure that the service network is built as scheduled

Network Optimization

Optimize network coverage, optimize handover area, optimize frequency reuse to ensure smooth network communication

Delivery Acceptance Service

Complete project completion data; provide customized professional training for customer network systems, terminal usage and maintenance; project initial and final inspection systems ensure the acceptance and confirmation of various functions after the customer network trial operation.

After-sales Operation and Maintenance

Protect customer business by eliminating hidden dangers and risks, timely response and repair of faults, and customized support services