Garden Double Arm Light Pole

Double arm street light pole is an innovative lighting solution,Two extension arms at the top of the pole allow multiple fixtures to be mounted in different directions, providing versatility in lighting options. Suitable for various scenarios such as parking lots, sports fields and outdoor recreation areas.

Material: Q345B/A572, Q235B/A36, Q460 ,ASTM573 GR65, GR50 ,SS400, SS490, ST52

Surface treatment: Hot-dip Galvanized and Electrostatic Spraying, Rust Proof, Anti-corrosion performance Class II

Height: 4m – 12 m

Thickness: 3.0 mm

Arm Type:Customized: single arm,double arms,triple arms,four arms

Color: Customized


A garden double arm light pole is a type of light pole designed specifically for lighting in outdoor garden areas. It typically consists of a vertically mounted pole with two horizontal arms extending from opposite sides of the pole. Each arm is equipped with lighting fixtures that provide illumination to different areas of the garden.

The primary purpose of a garden double arm light pole is to provide balanced and uniform lighting in garden spaces. By having two arms, the lighting can be spread out more evenly, reducing shadows and enhancing visibility throughout the garden area. This type of light pole is often used in larger gardens, parks, and public outdoor spaces where proper illumination is essential for safety and aesthetic purposes.

The choice of lighting fixtures for a garden double arm light pole can vary depending on the specific requirements and preferences. Common options include energy-efficient LED fixtures, which offer long lifespans, low energy consumption, and customizable lighting characteristics. LED fixtures are often preferred for their versatility, allowing for different color temperatures and brightness levels to create the desired ambiance in the garden.

A garden double arm light pole can add a charming and functional element to outdoor spaces, allowing people to enjoy the garden even during the evening or nighttime hours

Pole Shape(Customized Service)

Technical Data Proposal

ZS-A1 2500 170 140 5 550 550 500 80×250 Φ280×150 YLDG-A1 2500
ZS-A2 3000 170 140 5 600 600 500 80×250 Φ280×150 YLDG-A2 3000
ZS-A3 4000 170 140 5 650 650 500 80×250 Φ280×150 YLDG-A3 4000
ZS-A4 5000 170 140 5 750 750 500 80×250 Φ280×150 YLDG-A4 5000
ZS-A5 6000 170 140 5 800 800 500 80×250 Φ280×150 YLDG-A5 6000

High Quailty Raw Meterials

The raw material is made of Q235 steelplate,whitch ensures the strength ofeach lamp pole Using a large bending machine,a molding,the length of the lamp roadgreater than 15 meters

steel Coil meterial


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